Rockshop : Rocks, Crystals, Gem and Minerals for sale in
the Mineral Gallery @  the Peachtree Antique Center,
155 Mill Road  Mcdonough, Ga   This is under the big flag,
I-75 exit 221  Adjacent to Peachtree Peddler Flea Market

Open Mon 11am-6pm Tue 11am-6pm

Closed Wednesday

Open Thur & Friday 11am-6pm

Saturday open 9am-6pm
Sunday open 10am-6pm  

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Georgia Rock shop info: We have opened a Mineral Gallery inside the Peachtree Antique Center that is filled with thousands of crystals and minerals.
Prepare to be overwhelmed with huge crystals, Arkansas quartz crystal clusters, & even crystal skulls, ball, spheres, hearts and wands. We also have
fossils and almost anything that you can name.   We have Jackson's Crossroads amethyst crystals and Hogg Mine star rose quartz (we even have
animal carvings such as frogs, turtles, dice and stone guitar picks) carved out of the rough materials that we mine! We have a complete line of
metaphysical and reiki crystals, stones, wands, etc.
We offer something for the  serious mineral collector, the metaphysical minded, or just something for the person with a casual interest in rocks and
gems.    We have - literally- thousands of  items that are priced from $1 to $1,000.00 so we have something for sure to meet your budget. There is no
other rock shop in Georgia that has as many crystals for sale.   We also are significantly lower priced & have the best prices than anywhere Updated July
2019.  *Special Note:  we are fresh back from the 2018 Tucson Gem & Mineral show with new crystals & crystal carvings!
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The photo's on this page shows our display cases that are filled  with crystals and
metaphysical items  that we have for sale at the  Mineral Gallery located inside the
Peachtree Antique Center in McDonough, Georgia.
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We buy rocks , minerals, crystals , fossils and cabbing rough! We also buy slab saws , cab
grinders & lapidary tools.
If you have anything to sell  then  feel free to contact me:  
We buy estates and collections and can travel anywhere (not limited to Georgia).
We use a variety of sources to get the crystals and minerals that we have for sale.          I dig a lot of the crystals and
minerals myself.  I used to own the original Jackson’s Crossroads amethyst mine and I am the first person to ever take
equipment out there to dig.   I also opened up the hogg mine to the public after it had been closed for 40 years.  I have
owned mines in Arkansas and other states.  This means that since I dig the minerals myself there is no middle man and I
can offer them cheaper than anyone else.    I also dig in a lot of places.  Mine direct means savings!
I do a lot of trading with other collectors and diggers and this allows me to offer low prices on a lot of different minerals
and fossils.
I go to Africa usually once or twice per year and I buy a lot of crystals from the people that are digging them up.  By
buying from the crystal diggers personally in Africa this cuts out a lot of other people that increase the price at every
change of hands.
I also buy estates.   Generally on estates – especially large ones where I buy the entire lifelong collection -  the price is
discounted.   I pass the discount along for quick sales.   This means that I get a lot of old stock material from mines that
were closed a long time ago.   I have a great variety of material that you don’t normally see offered for sale.
When you shop with me in McDonough you can expect a huge variety at the lowest price possible.
A wide variety of Amethyst, Aquamarine and other crystals from Africa and crazy low prices.

Old locations and crystals and minerals from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s that you just don’t normally see for sale
Local US material from places all over the United States with a special emphasis on crystals from Georgia, Alabama ,
Arizona,  and North Carolina.

Georgia has the following minerals and crystals:

Jackson’s Crossroads amethyst
Hogg Mine : Star rose quartz, tourmaline, aquamarine and other types of beryl
Garnet crystals
Graves Mountain Rutile, Lazulite, pyrite, pyrophyllite, Kyanite, iridescent hematite, turgite and illmenite.
Staurolite crystals (Fairy Crosses)
Fossils such as shark teeth, sand dollars, coral, sting ray barbs and other fossils including oyster shells.
Agatized Coral from the Withlacoochee river near the Florida state line in Valdosta.
Quartz crystals from many locations (clear rock crystal, amethyst, smoky quartz).
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We've added lots of new crystals for sale at our rock shop, including some Garnet crystals from Wrangell,
Alaska and some Epidote and quartz with epidote from Green Monster Mountain, Prince of Wales, Alaska.   
Some of the quartz crystals have awesome epidote needle inclusions. Below is a picture or two buy you may
want to
We just made a big strike in
Wetumpka, Alabama of petrified wood
with druse quartz crystals and many of
them are double terminated!
These were dug up on September 13,
2016 and I just now have stocked them
on the shelves - November 21, 2016
The Mineral Gallery in Mcdonough, Georgia is owned by Dixie Euhedrals and is the official
mine outlet store for our past and present specimen mining projects.  We have Jackson's
Crossroads amethyst for sale at "Mine Direct" pricing with no middle-man affecting the price.
We have all kinds of phantom crystals,
blue phantoms, Red Ghost, and more!
Yes! We have Hallelujah Junction
Scepter Crystals for sale at our
Georgia Rock Shop in
McDonough, Georgia!
Indeed! We do have Mellanite Garnet
Crystals for sale at our  Georgia Rock Shop
in McDonough, Georgia! These are Black
Andradite, Variety Mellanite, Garnets.