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New Arrivals! More crystals and stone carvings from the Tucson show and some of our unusual estate mineral
collection finds.
These photos were taken the first week of March (2018) which means if you come visit us soon you'll find
these still on the shelf!  
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Click here for info on the Georgia Rock shop : The Mineral Gallery in Mcdonough, Georgia. Just South of Atlanta
At any given time we have over two thousand different minerals, crystals, fossils, carvings and tumbled
stones on the shelves. And we add new items weekly!  But February and March is our busiest time for adding
new items that we get from the huge annual show in Tucson, Arizona. We have way too much to show on a
single page or two.  I've added this page to show more of the new arrivals and also to take a look at the
unique things we get when we buy old mineral collections  and the crystals and agate that we dig ourselves.
Above is a star rose quartz carved into an egg shape with the star very visible.  We have these for $20 to
$30 depending on how good the star is. It's hard to get the stars to show in the display cases as a bright
pinpoint light is needed.  The above left picture shows how the egg looks with my cell phone light shining on it.
Above - Center and Right is some Ametrine rough.  I actually got this about ten years ago where it sat in
storage, and it had sat in a storage unit since the 90's before then by its previous owner.  These days you
can't get new rough from the ANAHI mine in Bolivia because the owners strictly control the rough material and
will only sell cut stones.  Ametrine is a natural combination of Amethyst and Citrine. Ametrine, Amethyst &
Citrine is commonly made synthetically but this is all natural material that was mined years ago.  It's extremely
difficult to find natural citrine that hasn't been heat treated. So if you're looking for all-natural material - we've
got it!
Here (Left & below) we see Jackson's Crossroads
amethyst that I mined back in 2006 when I owned
and operated the mine. There is apatite crystal
Hearts and eggs at great prices. I just love the
deep blue colors!  The ruby in Zoisite sold right
after I took these pictures.  I may have one or two
left but I think I sold out of the Ruby hearts within
days of sitting them out on the shelf.  It's worth
clicking to expand the photos as these look great!
Every year I bring back opal and larimar.  I screwed up and
misspelled that as "Laramar" but will correct the labels
soon.  Below and right we see those along with blue opal
from the blue beds of Richardson's Rock Ranch.
At left we see some amethyst from the
new find in Morocco. I will be putting
the crystals on the shelf as space
allows.  I'll also be putting more mineral
crystal specimens out pretty soon.
I try to have a good mix of everything
so that anyone that visits will find what
they are looking for, be it an advanced
mineral collector, the casual tourist
that just likes pretty rocks, interior
decorators, and Reiki Masters in
search of specific stones.
At right we see some Dioptase crystals
on matrix from Kunene, Namibia that I
brought back on one of my trips there.
There's also a nice amethyst scepter
from Kenya, JXR amethyst and lots of
other minerals.  Even Emerald crystals
from the Crabtree Mine in North
We hope you've enjoyed this small tour of our rock
shop! There is so much to see and this is just a small
amount of the thousands of different rocks that we
have for sale.
If you'd like to get your mind totally blown, consider a
visit in person and take a small part of our world back
home with you.

If you have a friend that likes rocks and crystals, we
do ask that you share a link to this page with them!
We have tons of amethyst crystals from all over the world.  We even have jewelry points and small "scratch
and dent" sale prices of just a buck or two. At left we see just such a bin of amethyst crystals on sale.
We also have some cut and faceted amethyst from Jackson's Crossroads (JXR).   We also have some pretty
unique pendents made from Wyoming Lepidolite and Seraphinite and Charoite from Russia.  We was able to
get the Lepidolite and Russian Seraphinite and Charoite Silver pendents at an estate sale of a Silversmith
who had cut and polished the stones and then set them in hand made silver settings!  Photos of these are
seen below:
The great thing about some of our estate collection purchases is that we can often get items that are no longer being produced commercially today,
such as this Galena Sphere.  Some items we've managed to acquire have NEVER been commercially produced, like some of the tumbled stones that we get
in estates that have local material that was tumbled at home. The photos below shows a galena sphere, lepidolite sphere, charoite sphere, and Thunder
Egg from Oregon: all estate purchases.
The slice of petrified wood that has been polished is something I polished myself after digging the rough rock in Tilden, Texas. Below right you see a larger
log portion of petrified wood with Quartz crystal Druze that I dug in Wetumpka, Alabama the summer of 2016. The huge Quartz crystal penetrator point is
one that I dug in Mt. IDa back in 2007.  Also of note is the polychrome Jasper and a few Jackson's Crossroads Amethyst Crystal Clusters for good measure!
One thing that you can always expect to
find at a rock shop is fluorite cubes,
agate book ends, agate paperweights,
and tumbled stones. And we have just
about any kind that you can name,
along with some that we polished our
selves! We have a lot of unusual things
that you probably won't see anywhere
else. Like Hieroglyphic stone, for
Below shows just two of the many
shelves of tumbled stones!
Unakite, sodalite, aventurine, etc
We have lots of small crystal points and stones that are ideal for jewelry making: pendents, rings, earrings, gem trees, etc.  One cool thing that we have is sawn pairs of
fossil ammonites! Some have ammolite, or a fiery play of color like opal. The interior shows the chambers inside the shell, and some have tiny crystal lined openings and
some even have pyrite inside! The photo below shows one type of the Ammonite pairs (we have several different types and sizes).  We also have small boxes of genuine
opal for only $8 per box. Yes, we even have amber with insects trapped inside! The amber with spiders, gnats, ants and flies run $18 to $22.  Be sure to click on the amber
photos to see the insects trapped inside - the one with the spider is pretty crazy!
Of course, we do have fossil fern leaves in coal ( all sizes) and even some old stock Ocean Jasper (shown below).
Carvings!  Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention our stone
carvings!  We dig lots and lots of different types of rocks,
crystal, agates and petrified wood and we have these carved
into animal shapes such as horses, dogs,turtles and even
eggs,hearts, spheres, skulls,slices, stone dice and stone
guitar picks! The photos below show a very small sample of
the many different stone carvings that we have for sale.
Shown below is a frog
carved from lazulite,
kyanite and pyrite in
quartzite from Graves
Mountain, Lincoln County,
We have had many different kinds of
stone carvings out of the star rose
quartz that we mined when I opened
and operated the Hogg mine in
Lagrange back in 2006 - 2010.
Shown left and right is a turtle and a
crystal skull carved out of that material.
Rockshop hours : Rocks, Crystals, Gem and Minerals for sale at The Mineral
Gallery inside the Peachtree Antique Center,
155 Mill Road  Mcdonough, Ga   This is under the big flag, I-75 exit 221  
Adjacent to Peachtree Peddler Flea Market

Open Mon 11am-6pm Tue 11am-6pm
Closed Wednesday
Open Thur & Friday 11am-6pm
Saturday open 9am-6pm
Sunday open 10am-6pm  

Map to the Peachtree Antique Center is below :