Georgia Rock Shop: Rocks, Crystals, Gem and Minerals
for sale at The Mineral Gallery inside the Peachtree
Antique Center,
155 Mill Road  Mcdonough, Ga   This is under the big flag,
I-75 exit 221  Adjacent to Peachtree Peddler Flea Market

Hours of operation:
Open Mon 11am-6pm Tue 11am-6pm
Closed Wednesday
Open Thur & Friday 11am-6pm
Saturday open 9am-6pm
Sunday open 10am-6pm  

Map to the Peachtree Antique Center is below :
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This rock shop information page shows  all kinds of new crystals on the shelves at our Georgia Rock shop! We offer something for the serious mineral collector,
the metaphysical minded, or just something for the person with a casual interest in rocks & gems. Just enter the Peachtree Antique Center main entrance & go
straight & ask the lady at the help desk about The Mineral Gallery . Our seven large display cases and shelves are lined with thousands of different crystals,
minerals, fossils, books, t-shirts with crystals  & fossils on them, plus gem stone carvings, affordable tumbled stones, cut stones, lapidary rough and more.  We
have everything you'd expect to find at a rock shop and then a whole lot more! We even have gemstone coffee cups!
We brought back larimar cabs, malachite spheres, eggs and even tumbled malachite. This year we went big on Labradorite with several of the big 6 to 8 pound
polished display pieces, and then small tear drop shapes, hearts and a variety of other polished labradorite (you really won't believe how much we have this
year). I also brought back some really good star rose quartz eggs with good 6-ray stars.  I brought back lots of single amethyst crystals, all kinds of carved
hearts, plus apatite spheres, eggs, Amber, "crack your own" geodes and a ton of other things!  Check out our new and latest photos taken August, 2018. And
of course we have our specialty -Jackson's Crossroads Amethyst Crystals, as well as Garnets and Epidote from Alaska!
Updated June 12, 2020   12:00 PM  We've added lots of new crystals in January and we will be adding even more from the 2020 Tucson Show very soon. We
have a new page showing the new crystals and spheres, eggs, and carvings! Click "Shop -2019" below  to check out the new crystals, minerals, eggs and
spheres! New for January is star rose quartz eggs that has a very sharp star!
See our other rock shop photo pages with the navigation bar below.  You're on page ONE.
The photo above shows one of our shelves with crystals and metaphysical items  that we
have for sale at The Mineral Gallery @ Peachtree Antique Center, McDonough, Georgia.

Our Mineral Gallery has modern custom Fiber Optic Display cases that are loaded with  
crystals , minerals and fossils that we have for immediate purchase!  The use of fiber optic
light allows for unique presentation of crystals and unless you have been to the big shows
in Tucson, Denver or Springfield then you have probably never seen anything like them!
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Well, That's about all the pictures that I can fit on one page!  I am constantly restocking the Mineral Gallery's shelves, usually once a week but when
we are busy sometimes it is every day!
Of course, when I put new things out I like to post pictures so that people know that there are new things available.    Plus, I like to have a page to
refer to in order to let them know what we actually have on the shelf.  In other words, we want the page to be current as to what is in stock.
So that means that fairly soon I will start another update page with photos showing whats new at the Rock Shop!   Check back soon and if you see
that there are 4 rock shop pages you'll then know that I've added a new one because currently there are only 3.
We look forward to you shopping with us - you truly will be amazed if you take the initiative to visit!
Malachite Tumbled Stones
$5 each.   Nicer/bigger ones are
available including Malacholla.
Click on any photo to enlarge. If you see a "+" sign, then the photo will enlarge one more
Since there are so many mineral and crystal photos on the page that are in high resolution, the
page may load a little slow
.      This page primarily shows what we brought back from the 2018
Tucson Gem show.
This year, that was
mostly polished spheres, eggs and other shapes.
I don't want to give the impression that is all that we have at The Mineral Gallery!
We have an even mix of crystal and mineral specimens that range from affordable $5 sample
specimens to $500 fine crystals.
See our other ROCK SHOP PAGES to check out our crystal
Above and Left:  We picked up a flat of
really nice amethyst crystals from the
new find in Morocco.   These will be
sold individually for about $30 each
Below we have Brazilian amethyst
crystals with golden goethite inclusions.
These are incredible when viewed with
a loupe (we sell loupes too)!  Some of
the amethyst crystals also have
awesome cristobalite spheres inside!!
Yes! We DO have star sapphire, Star
Ruby, and some crystals are a purple mix
of Red & Blue to make Purple.
These are natural crystals that have been
polished on one end to show the star.
Some don't have rays and some are just
Cat's Eye or just have a schiller. These are
different sizes and prices from $5 t0 $25.  
Most crystals come with a stand (check the
label as some don't come with the cone
shaped stand).
Below is a picture of the 7 foot tall Tower case with dual
clam-shell glass doors. If you look closely you'll see the
fiber optic lights that can be aimed in any direction. I set
crystals on the glass shelves and then project light thru
the crystal which back-lights them to dramatic effect!  I
bought the case new in Tucson back in 2006 and back
then it cost me about five thousand dollars for just the
one case. This is one of three fiber optic lighted cases
and the rest are ordinary display cases. In addition to
the tall Tower I also have a "traditional style Jewelry
case" with directional fiber optic lighting and also an
unusual case that has no shelves. The fiber optics in
that case can not be aimed as they all simply point
downwards to the floor of the display case. In addition
to the three fiber optic cases I also have 4 large display
cases. 2 are lighted by regular fluorescent tubes, one,
one case has the new LED lights, and the tall Wall
Case has halogens and I modified it by adding some
LED lights to compliment the halogens.

The cases are completely filled with thousands of
different  of rock and gems. That is no exaggeration.

Believe the hype! Visitors should be mentally prepared
for a mind blowing visual experience.
Since the focus of this particular page
is on polished stones, I'd like to share
some photos of the countless tumbled
stones that we have. These are mostly
only $1 or $2 each.  If you've ever
been to the Phoenix & Dragon then
you'll love our low prices!  Below is
photos of the bins of tumbled stones
we have:
We have large fossil shark teeth from
Morocco - only $12 each!
On just about every shelf - and there are a lot of shelves - we
have JXR Jackson's Crossroads Amethyst Crystals for sale!
Above is an example.
Below: these are all pictures on one amethyst crystal that I put
on the shelf today (Feb 22, 2018).
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New Items added March 4, 2018:
Ametrine & Citrine!
I've also re-stocked the Agate slices
which are great to put in your kitchen
window for the sun to shine through.
Here are photos of our seven display cases that are filled with over two thousand specimens at any given time.
Click any photo to expand. Most can enlarge 2 X.