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2019 Tucson Gem Show Report
Updated March 2, 2019
12:00 PM Eastern
22nd Street Market Gem Show
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Click here for info on the Georgia Rock shop : The Mineral Gallery in Mcdonough, Georgia. Just South of Atlanta
My Tucson 2019 Trip is just getting started and there is a whole lot
more to see!
My second stop when I first got into town was The 22cnd Street Market. They close at 6pm and I pulled
into the lot at 5pm and yep, someone was there to take my parking money so late in the day.  Luckily it is
only $3 during the week. The show started out with free parking a few years ago but that didn't last for
long.  This is one place that I don't mind paying for parking at.  You can also walk under the bridge and
shop along the strip that runs beside I-10 if you feel up to it and want to get the most bang from your
buck. The time that I tried that it proved to be too much walking though - especially carrying purchases!
The above pictures show large polished amethyst points from the Anahi mine in Bolivia. Some did have citrine cores as to be expected.
The price on these are "Keystone" meaning they are half price.  Be aware that if you just walk up and try to buy one they will probably be
as marked.   But if you stand there a minute, they will then volunteer that they are half priced.
Below: Malachite spheres and eggs from the People's Democratic Republic of The Congo.
There was some awesome Malachite Spheres from The
Congo. I bought the ones shown above for my shop. To see
the ones that I have for sale
One lady sells amber and she had some amber with insects trapped inside with a very clever display to show them off.  One was a
regular magnifying glass set over a piece of amber.  Another piece of amber with insects had a digital microscope focused in and
showing an enlarged image of the insect.  This was great for a display and would be great to show your collection to someone or
to record the images for your use or to sell on ebay or elsewhere online.  I really liked the digital set-up and I will have to get me
one of those digital microscopes one of these days! Photo of back seems to indicate it is a "Koolertron".
There were several reconstructed
dinosaurs throughout the building.  
Some were 30 foot tall!
There were plenty of dinosaur bones for sale,
too! These are "gem bone" or lapidary gemstone
quality specimens.
It will be very worthwhile to click to expand 2X on
these 3 photos as the patterns and colors where
the bone marrow filled with different colors are
an incredible sight to see! The one on the left
had a "Reduced" price of $4,500 and that is
perfectly reasonable for a specimen of that
One of my favorite vendors hails from Peru. She had incredible
pyrite specimens - the kind with the "Octahedral" faces that
yield triangular pyramidal crystals.  She had natural crystals as
well as objects carved out of pyrite like skulls and obelisks.  But
that is not all that she had. She had some top quality
chrysocolla spheres and eggs.  I have a good many of these for
sell at my shop
I also got some nice LARIMAR at the 22cnd
Street Market.  Some have an unusual green
color along with the usual blue color.  These are
drilled at the top so that they can be hung as
pendents.   Click any of the
shop pages to see
individual pictures of them.
Ready for lunch? Yeah, Me too!
Usually the food at the Tucson shows
(the food trucks) are super high, aren't
filling and would never be referred to
as "TASTY"...... until this year!
I tried the dinner plate at The Curry Pot
and it was incredible. Yes, honestly
incredible!  It was delicious , only $11
and it was actually enough for a grown
If you visit Tucson you will hear about
the "Tucson Flu".  It is a disease where
all the germs on the international
planes combine into one multi-bug.
It's a terrible thing.
So terrible, that some choose to throw
fashion aside and wear a prophylactic.
Also at the 22nd Street Market is a
steam punk kind of place with
constructed metal bits and gears.
Very unusual!
This is a full service market, and if you
are looking for TEENY WEENIES or
MONSTER DONGS, they have you
While the 22nd street market is basically a tent, you'd
never know it.  This photo (at right) shows a look down
the aisle - it's a huge space!
I should mention that I'm standing in the middle of the
main tent so you really don't get a good idea of how
long it is.  And this is just ONE of the THREE tents that
makes up the market!
This entire page covers the
22nd Street Market Show.
On the lower right is a photo of miscellaneous weirdness:
"CBD Crystal Infused OIL".
The extra $50 of cost just means this had a crystal of some
sort soaking in it.
This year there was a very impressive display of Arizona Rainbow Petrified
Wood in the food court.  Note the size of the wood next to the people near
them - some were 20-foot logs stood on end.   Most were two foot to 5 foot
long and stood on end with the polished and domed end facing up.
Most of these were 4 to 8 thousand dollars.  There was one for $1,800 that I
really wanted. The one laying down was priced at sixteen thousand.
Later in this report I'll have a page showing the digging trips that I went on,
and some of this exact type of petrified wood that I found.
Be sure to click to expand in order to see the incredible
colors and patterns of the petrified wood. Most pieces
had visible growth rings.
The photo immediately below has an
incredible pattern and has "fortification lines" that is not
normally seen in petrified wood from this area.
As this page shows, the 22nd Street Gem Show is very impressive.  I only took pictures of just a few
things but there is pretty much anything 'rock related" that you can name for sale here.   While
there are some nice mineral specimens - including some unique items dug by local USA diggers -
there is also tons of "Rock Shop" and "Touristy" type material such as book-ends, spheres, carved
animals, necklaces, beads, etc.    The show in the middle building at the 22nd Street Market is
primarily geared toward wholesale buyers for their shops and online sales but you can certainly buy
just one item if you are so inclined.
The newer building facing 22nd street is mostly mineral specimens, including "fine"
mineral specimens. That is to say, they don't have as much crap to wade through if nice
minerals is your main interest.  
I didn't have a chance to go into the fine mineral building this
year but I checked it out last year and it is very nice.
   The newest building of the three at the
market is on the side away from 22cnd street.  I haven't had a chance to even see what was inside
it but it's on my list of things to do next year.
All of the items that I bought at the
22cnd street market are now on the
shelves in my Gallery in McDonough.  
Just click the banner at the lower right
to have a look!