The Great American Eclipse - 2017 viewed at
The Georgia Guidestones.
1031 Guide Stones Road, Elberton, GA 30635
August 21, 2017 2:38 p.m.
"My trip to see the total eclipse at the Guide Stones"

Updated August 28, 2017
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I was trying to think of a good public place to view the total eclipse since where I live (between
Atlanta and Macon) isn't in the Path Of Totality.  After looking at the path map I decided on
the Georgia Guide Stones in Elberton, Georgia as the ideal place. It wasn't the very closest
or the very quickest to get to but since it has the Guide Stones and it is something that I
wanted to take better pictures of, I decided it was not only very fitting but the ideal place to kill
time while waiting for totality.  
The Georgia Guide Stones are very mysterious since whomever built it hid behind lawyers and a fake
name!  It has something to do with the new world order and was built in 1979 and completed and opened
in March, 1980 at a time before NWO wasn't even a thing.  The graven tablets mention population
control, eugenics, a world court and a one world common language! .  The Georgia Guide Stones are
very mysterious since whom ever built it hid behind lawyers and a fake name!   Very mysterious indeed!

You can click the Guidestones photo above to enlarge it - all the other photos too.

The guide to an Age of Reason lists the things to do and not to do (Guidelines or Principles) in Eight
languages.   I'll have more info on the guidestones lower on this page, but for now, let's talk about the
I got the idea to visit the Guide Stones on my own and out of the blue and I wondered how
many other people would get the same idea.  Apparently a LOT of people got the same idea.  
Many people had drove long distances.  One woman drove down from Pennsylvania (if you see
this say hello) which was a 12 hour drive and a buddy of mine drove up from Lakeland, Florida
- an 8 hour drive!  The place was packed and the cars were parked on not just Guide Stones
Road but for almost a half -mile up & down GA 77 in both directions as well (almost a mile walk).

The above photo shows the access road to the "American Stonehenge" and how crowded it
was. The other photos shows the vehicles of some of the Astronomy fans and the Astrology
crowd was well represented too!  Those are two very different things.
Some people had camera's that cost a
dollar and some had telescopes that
cost ten thousand dollars (see above
photo).  Some people were using a
Telescope to Project the Sun onto a
Projection Board.
The photo at left shows the scene at
the Guide Stones at the start of the
eclipse about an hour beforehand. It
was still pretty light and the crowd was
starting to grow.
I was worried about the clouds and
despite it being very cloudy on the way
to Elberton and the Guide Stones, it
was not very cloudy at all when I
arrived. That's great luck!
The photo at right shows the sun at
about 30% eclipsed.  Of course,
without a filter you can't tell the sun is
30% eclipsed. One odd thing:
the lens flares show the outline of the
moon eclipsing the sun! While the sun
itself was to bright to resolve, the lens
flare wasn't and so you can see the
shape of the light source (the eclipsed
sun). I wouldn't have noticed that in the
photo but I happened upon a eclipse
photography article that explained it.

The next photo to the right shows the
sun about 30% eclipsed. I took this
with my Samsung Galaxy S7 with the
eclipse viewing glasses held over the
phone's camera lens.  I finally got a
focused shot using my phone.
Total Eclipse! The photo to the left shows
the moment of totality. When wearing the
eclipse glasses you see absolutely
NOTHING at totality and you have to take
them off and look directly at the sun!  If
you notice in the photo below, everyone
has their eclipse glasses off and
everyone is staring at the now totally
eclipsed sun with their naked eyes!
You can click the
smaller thumbnail below
for a VERY large view of
the moment of totality.
The photo below shows the crowd
about 15 minutes before totality.It's
noticeably darker but still pretty light.
It has grown a little bit cooler.
Notice how many people have their
eclipse viewing glasses on.
And now, it's here! The moment of totality!  I now see why people rave about total eclipses and "TOTALITY".  A total eclipse is ten
thousand times better than any partial eclipse - even 95% eclipses!  This is because if even a tiny sliver of the sun remains it puts out
tremendous light. At totality it was extremely dark. The main thing is that you could look directly at the sun with naked eyes and see
the corona.  The photo below shows the total eclipse and the corona streaming out beyond the moon.  To my eyes it appeared as a
very thin ring of light and then streamers.  My camera, even a good Canon 600D, didn't take good images without a filter.  The photo
shows a thick ring of light around the moon simply because the camera didn't focus nor balance the light correctly.
Okay.  I'm hooked. I'm gonna get me a cool total eclipse T-shirt and travel to the next one in
2024!  I'll either go to Herkimer, New York or somewhere in Maine to see the eclipse and also to
dig for Herkimer Diamonds or Maine Tourmaline before Totality.
I should mention that there were all types of people at the Guide Stones. Normal people,
astronomy and eclipse fans, and of course, people drawn to conspiracy theories and the
paranormal / Astrology. So yeah, there was totally a girl in an Alien outfit.  Under the Alien
outfit?  A NASA jumpsuit, of course!
For all you "Data Heads" out there,
here is some maps of the path of
totality and times and durations of the
Click any map to expand:
So, you're probably wondering what's up with the stones.  The best
place for that is the wikipedia entry for it, but they don't have these
cool photos like this page does.  Here's some snippets of information
on the Ga Guide Stones:
You know those ten guidelines or principles I mentioned?
They are engraved in EIGHT different languages -
English, Spanish, Swahili, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese, and Russian.
And in case that is not enough, or the Ancients or even Aliens arrive,
there is also Runes and Hieroglyphics!
Here's some shots of the fancy graven images:
Like all the photos here, just click to expand and enlarge.
There's a mysterious stain on the capstone and some people claim it's blood
or something nefarious.  Just go to youtube and you'll see lots of crazy
Me, I grew up in the country and I know that beside the fields that Owls and
Hawks regurgitate their meals. So it could be something like that happening.
As a rockhound, I know that granite discolors and reacts to rain and the
atmosphere (Just Google "acid rain and marble granite tombstones").  So,
this could be something to do with how granite will naturally discolor. You can
see that at any cemetary, especially the big above ground mausoleums.
And lastly, as a lapidarist (someone that saws, cuts, shapes and polishes
rocks) I know that lubricants and oils are used on rocks in the sawing and
cutting process to cool the blades and keep dust down.  So this could simply
be lubricant oil or coolant fluid that soaked deep into a particular spot that is
just now blooming to the surface.
Or, some clown used a drone to drop some junk up there?
Whatever it is, it ain't blood, it ain't magic and it ain't paranormal.
There IS a lot of mystery about who had the
stones placed and why.
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It will be well worth your time to click the link to
the Georgia Guide Stones
This page will get a variety of viewers. Some will just stumble upon it after checking out  my crystal digging info or my
Rock Shop South of Atlanta.  Others will come from searching about the eclipse.
And some will come because they are interested in the Guidestones.
The last group usually believes there is something paranormal about the Guidestones.  I personally don't.  Any rich
person could have something similar built and then rumors and then websites would pop up about the mysterious
stone henge that they had built.
Even a person that wasn't wealthy could build a stone henge. Lots of people could borrow on their house and have a
stone henge built.  They just aren't anything to do with the paranormal - they are just man-made structures and about
as paranormal as your local public library or the county tag office!
Don't get me wrong - I'm fascinated by the stones and the mysterious circumstances that caused them to be built.  I do
wonder "who done it" and most importantly I wonder "Why" they did it.  But I don't think the stones are paranormal,
have any powers, or are connected to aliens or anything like that.

As I mentioned before, the eclipse had a variety of visitors, those interested in Astronomy ( a science) and Astrology (
A primitive belief). Sometimes people get the words mixed up between the two so I'm providing the definitions below:

ASTRONOMY / Astronomer -  the branch of
science that deals with celestial objects, space, and the physical universe
as a whole. An expert in or student of astronomy.

Astrology / Astrologist - the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial objects as a means for divining
information about human affairs and terrestrial events.  A person who uses astrology to  predict their future.
"he was advised by astrologers to delay his departure"  Note: Astrology is not a science.
YouTube has a hundred 'GA Guide Stones'
videos and some of them have theories and
predictions that are wayyyy out there!

If you want to see something crazy, just go to
YouTube and search for Georgia Guidestone

I also have a YouTube video which has a brief
video clip of the crowd about 30 minutes before
totality and then a fast paces slideshow of mostly
the same pictures that you see here on this

Link to my video is below.  You'll have to hit the
back button to get back to the "Dig For Crystals"
website since the link doesn't open in a new

My video of the eclipse at the Guidestones

I have also embedded the video below but it may
not show up on some devices.
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And last but not least, some Guidestones photographs.  I've used Photoshop to make tiny
adjustments to the images.  :-)
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