Jackson's Crossroads site 4
amethyst crystals:
FEB 19, 2018  @ 3:00 pm
Eastern Time  
Do you have crystals or minerals on your
property ?  
Or maybe just know of a good place you'd like
to take a backhoe to ?
Contact the experts !
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DID YOU KNOW........????
That we buy rocks , minerals, crystals , fossils and cabbing rough ? We also
buy slab saws , cab grinders & lapidary tools.
If you have anything to sell  then  feel free to bring them to the digs  for us to
look at !
It will help if you will
EMAIL ME in advance !
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CLICK ME: Yatesville smoky with inclusions
Georgia Amethyst for Sale
Amethyst crystals
for sale!   ( click
photo  )
We have hundreds of buckets to go thru!
We just got in a truck load of lapidary  material , Crazy lace agate,  rainbow &
mahogany obsidian , wonderstone , agate & Petrified wood   .The obsidian is great for  
flint knapping / arrowhead making as well as for cabbing.
I also have some great Rainbow Petrified Wood from Arizona as well as Llannite from
Llanno,  Texas .  Graves Mountain Rutile crystals and Lazulite crystals available in
large quantities !
We also have paint rock agate and kentucky agate for sale.
Email me from the contact page & make arrangements for a visit .
We have good prices by the pound and great wholesale deals on buckets of rock.
We have obsidian priced at $125 for a 50 pound bucket  mixed mahogany / rainbow.
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Lapidary slabbing and cutting
If you have "good" rough rocks
that you want me to cut for you on
halves , just email me
We go to Africa and bring back
great crystal specimens of
Aquamarine and Brandberg
Amethyst as well as
Lets go dig for crystals!  Dixie Euhedrals has just the right place for  American rockhounds to dig for gemstones!    We offer trips to collect  
amethyst crystals in Arizona, California and Nevada  or the chance to buy them at our Rock Shop  155 mill road McDonough, Georgia.  We
announce the crystal & agate digging dates  right here, so be sure to add this page  to your favorites!   
LLanite from Llano, Texas!
close-up photo of llanite from Llano, Texas.
Yes, We have
Llanite for sale
@ $
3 per pound
when bought in
quantities of 35

Why not stop by
and pick some out
or just have me ship
you some ?   
Rock,Gem & Mineral stamps!
Arizona Rainbow Petrified wood for sale
Check out our  
Lapidary Tips Page
To see how slabs are cut
& cabs are made & more!
Rock Tumbling page hogg mine rose quartz
Here's what I dug Saturday, May 14
Click Me For The Dig Report
Green phantom arkansas quartz crystal info page
found by a crystal digger on fee basis
Rosette cluster in saprolite found by the Amethyst King!
gem stone guitar picks custom made and sold
Paint Rock Agate found september 17, 2011
paint rock agate cabochons made by David Braswell
GOOD STUFF- we dig it!
Trenton Cherry Carnelian fresh from the Paint Rock Valley of Alabama!
Recent Paint Rock Agate finds:
Shop for Georgia Amethyst and
more at our Rock Shop &  Mineral
Gallery on I-75 exit 221. Check out
the slide show below or  go to
Mineral Gallery . We have added all
kinds of crystals, minerals, carvings,
spheres, fossils and more!
georgia amethyst crystal photo
Photo's of the Jackson's Crossroads Amethyst crystal
digs led by Rodney Moore in 2012 & 2013:
jacksons crossroads amethyst crystal digging site four
Amethyst crystal found at jacksons crossroads feb. 04, 2012.
Jackson's Crossroads amethyst with inclusions
Crystal found by Bruce Sinclair. B. Sinclair photography
found by rodney apr14, 2012
Paint Rock Agate @ Hollytree,
Alabama !
DIG DATE : to be announced $35   
(Paint Rock Alabama only)

Registration required: email me

1.) Scenic wilderness hike!
2.) Fossils!
3.) Collect Paint Rock
Rodney Moore crystal miner
crystal mining
jxr amethyst fee mining site in wilkes county georgia
digging for amethyst crystals in georgia
amethyst crystal in-situ at the jacksons crossroads mine 4
amethyst crystal found at the pay-to-dig crystal mining site ran by rodney moore
 amethyst crystal just dug at jacksons crossroads amethyst mine
people digging for amethyst crysals in georgia
Photo's of the Jackson's Crossroads Amethyst
crystals from the digs led by Rodney Moore .
jacksons crossroads amethyst crystal dig led by Rodney Moore, January 2013
We buy rock collections, estates, and individual crystals,
specimens, and rough rock. If you want to know where to
sell your crystal or sphere collection then you have found
the right spot.
Click here for recent photos of the ball ground rock shop
We have a rock shop just South of Atlanta, Georgia.  We just added tons of
new rocks, crystals, fossils, spheres and even arrowheads     Just click the
rockshop button on the goto drop down menu above. Shown below are some
new kyanite crystals that we just got in. We also have Hogg Mine rose quartz
carvings!   Check out the new pictures we added
new pictures of crystals for
Amethyst Dig, FEB 24 , 2018
Warrenton, Ga   $45 per person

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